Australian Travel Agents by Tal Gur

Whenever you are interested in traveling to a new place or country but either dont know how to get there, is not familiarized with the streets, where to stay, and the best place to have fun, then the best answer would be finding a travel agency to help you. Travel Agencies in general is a business on retail that sells products pertaining to the travel industry and as well as offering services that enclose the clients from the supplier like airline schedules and tickets, cruise lines, car rentals, hotels, bus and train tours, and scheduling the sightseeing tours. Normally, these offers come in packages on which you pay in bulk to get all of these services. Most good travel agencies are an international franchise on which you would just apply for these services in your country and can negotiate deals on the other country you would be visiting. There are many good Australian travel agents in the continent.


One example a travel agent is the STA travel. They have branches almost worldwide including China, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, UK, USA, and many more which means that it wont be a hassle and a difficulty to handle business in this agency as they have worldwide local offices. They can book you cheap flights such as going Los Angeles America for just $995, a $34 per day car rental, and can book you to a hotel for as low as $26 a night. They also have a package deal which makes you travel around the world for only $1999 with stops to Los Angeles, London, Dublin, Abu Dhabi and back home.

Another example of a good travel agent is the Zuji: A Travelocity Company. They offer travel destinations including London, Rome, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Bangkok and many more. They also offer services in packages such as flight tickets with a number of nights stay in the hotel of your destination. Hot deals like 6 nights plus flights in Fiji for $696, or even domestic destinations such as Adelaide or Sydney that offer a 3 nights stay plus flights ranging from $313 to $338. They can also book you tours like in the Vatican, you can visit the Vatican museum, Sistine chapel, Raphaels room and St. Peters.

Harvey world travel also provides tours and flights schedules in Australia or almost anywhere. From individual to group tours, they can give you this. With a good knowledge and experience in the subject of tourism, they can book you cheap flight tickets such as from Sydney going to Paris for a$2,388 round trip and a 4 nights Paris Accommodation for only a$350 per person. And the most important is your safety, they have a good insurance policy deal including 24/7 emergency assistance, they automatically accept you pre-existing medical conditions. They also cover for cancellation fees by the time your policy is purchased.


You can find many good Australian travel agents that offer good deals. But the most important things to look for in an agency is by finding a good insurance policy, they must really take care of you when you are traveling, or in the tour. Youll find out that traveling any place in the world wont be much of a problem after all.

Australian Woman Eligible For Worker’s Benefits Compensation After Sex Mishap On Business Trip

CANBERRA, Australia — An Australian court has ruled that a bureaucrat who was injured while having sex on a business trip is eligible for worker’s compensation benefits.

The Full Bench of the Federal Court ruled Dec. 13 in favor of the woman, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, and rejecting the appeal of the federal government’s insurer.

The woman was hospitalized after being injured in 2007 during sex with a male friend while staying in a motel in the town of Nowra, 160 kilometers (100 miles) south of her hometown of Sydney.

During the sex, a glass light fitting was torn from its mount above the bed and landed on her face, injuring her nose and mouth. She later suffered depression and was unable to continue working for the government.

Her claim for worker’s compensation for her physical and psychological injuries was initially approved by government insurer Comcare, then rejected after further investigation.

An administrative tribunal agreed with Comcare that her injuries were not suffered in the course of her employment, saying the government had not induced or encouraged the woman’s sexual conduct. The tribunal also found the sex was “not an ordinary incident of an overnight stay” such as showering, sleeping and eating.

That ruling was overturned in the Federal Court in 2012, when Judge John Nicholas rejected the tribunal’s findings that the sex had to be condoned by the government if she were to qualify for compensation.

“If the applicant had been injured while playing a game of cards in her motel room, she would be entitled to compensation even though it could not be said that her employer induced her to engage in such activity,” Nicholas wrote in his judgment in favor of the woman receiving compensation.

In the Full Bench decision upholding Nicholas’ decision, Judges Patrick Keane, Robert Buchanan and Mordy Bromberg agreed last week that the government’s views on the woman having sex in her motel room were irrelevant.

“No approval, express or implied, of the respondent’s conduct was required,” they said.

It is not yet clear how much compensation the woman will receive. She was in her 30s at the time of the accident.

Comcare was on Monday considering an appeal to the High Court, Australia’s highest legal authority, Comcare spokesman Russ Street said.

“The issue is a significant one,” Street said in a statement. “Workers need to be clear about their entitlements and employers should have an understanding of their responsibilities and how to support their staff.”

Limo Service Melbourne

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